The Clew Registry is an art project delighting in the absurdity of attempting to resist the inevitable obscurity that awaits all but a select few of us. We cannot save, remember, or record all aspects of our ordinary lives for posterity. Thus, this project invites contributers to write down a detail, fact, characteristic, event, habit, story about themselves that would otherwise be lost time. This isn’t about revealing personal information or intimate secrets (unless one wants to!). Rather, the project is about documenting something that would be forgotten or not otherwise known--a detail that is not part of the public record or findable on the Internet. ICS asks contributers to think about the particular minutiae that accumulate in each of our uniquely led lives and constitutes our very humanity.

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Maryfrances Davis Helen Simpson Vaughn McBean TJ Tremmel Tim Lubin Theo Singleton Talia Logan T.J. Morrigan Susie Walsh Susan Brady Scott Dittman Sara Dotterer Rowan Korbul Richard Sonking Rachel Hicks Peter Simpson Paul Wallfisch Paul Cabe Patricia VonOhlen-Davis Paisley Griffin Owen Gertz Owen Collins Otto Ohle Natalie Dabrowski Mitch Wasserman Michael Gorman Michael Carter Melissa Kerin MC Greenleaf Matthew Ames Matt Bua Marisa Sensabaugh Turpin Maeve Lepage McGrath Mackenzie Brooks Lyndon Sayers Lori E. Frascati Liza Aldridge Lock Cabe Lindsey Hewitt Lily Lasher Lewis Prichard Leigh Ann Beavers Lee Sauder Kurt Speers Kris Seto Katie Chirichillo Kathleen Olson Justin Weingartner Julia Grant Joseph Imhauser John Tappen Eli Laughlin John Paul Candler John Pancake John Miles Jean Tremmel Jane Rouse James Bailey Isaac Rosenthal Iman Messado Henry Simpson Hannah Dewing Ginger F.W. Morrigan Genelle Gertz Florentien Verhage Fintan Mcgrath Emma Coleman Emily King Elliot King Elizabeth Sauder Edna Arloween Eben Ostby Dorothy Blackwell David Lindsey David L Dave Wooden Dave Wells Daniel Wetterhahn Daniel Malore Cochran Lyle Christy Archer Caroline Bailey Chris Mcgrath Chris Martin Chin Velasquez Beth Staples Benjamin Peeples Audrey Andrews Anukriti Shrestha Ann Olson Ann Courtney Andrea Lepage Amy Finkbeiner Amanda Dorsey Abe Atkin