The ratio of those lives that are extensively documented to those lives that are lost to time is unfathomable. Societal status, random chance, era lived, or proximity to archival impulses are all factors involved in determining the stability of any sort of cohesive or conclusive legacy. A truly complete record of any one person’s existence is impossible to comprehend, let alone achieve. At the Institute for Clew Studies we acknowledge the absurdity of resisting the inevitable obscurity that awaits all but a very select few of us. Yet, isn’t the very act of living itself an effort at resisting obscurity?

In our contemporary digitally driven culture, unlike previous generations, we have both more and less control over the publicly accessible information about each of us that accumulates over a lifetime. Whether we knowingly contribute that information or not, it is more than likely that a simple Google search will lead to data that, with varying degrees of accuracy, reveals something about who we are and the lives we lead. Social media platforms and personal websites allow us to curate our digital profiles to some degree. Yet, as more information is made available on line, we are less able to manage the biographical details that will linger long after we are gone.

What inferences could be drawn about you from your digital footprint (that is, information you have contributed to the internet as well as information that exists outside of your authorship)? If you or anyone close to you participates in social media does the profile truly represent who you are? Will you be understood with any reasonable degree of accuracy if anyone decides to research your life in the future? What traces of your life will be left for future generations to interpret?

The Clew Registry is an opportunity to contribute to your own narrative by recording some aspect of yourself that would not otherwise be documented or remembered. What will the future never know about you, what detail/fact/characteristic/event/habit/story will be lost to time, if you do not submit it to the Clew Registry?