ICS Staff:

Clover Archer, Chronicler of Inklings
Clover lives and maintains her studio in a geodesic dome home (“The Mouse House”) with her two beloved little dogs, Cocoa “Snapshot” Archer-Lye and Chester "Little Dog" Greg Raetz Henry Hibbits Archer-Lyle.

Christy Archer, Special Projects

Christy is Clover’s mom and contributes to ICS in a freelance capacity. She divides her time between Lake Warren and the Gulf of Mexico.

MC Greenleaf, Operational Architect and Cobweb Clearer

MC resides in the hills of small-town Virginia, living her life as a full-time student of the Studio Art and Computer Science fields. She may or may not have rabies.

The Institute for Clew Studies is grateful to the following for their support of this project: Crina Archer, David Archer, Louise Faucher, Rich French, Marilyn Fuller, David Lewis, Mildred Linnell, and Cochran Lyle.

We woud particularly like to thank Pauline Robello who holds honorary status as ICS Staff Emeritus for her incredible research skills and important contributions to the Institute's files.