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In the spring of 1933, the Barnstable Superior Court hosted the sensational trial of brothers Kenneth and Cyril Buck who were accused of kidnapping 10-year-old Peggy McMath in Harwichport and holding her for ransom in a basement for 2 days. As the details of the case unfolded over the course of the trial, it became clear that Kenneth* was the mastermind of the scheme. He told several different conflicting versions of his story revealing that, perhaps, his mind was not entirely masterful. In his official statement, the unemployed Kenneth Buck declared simply “I merely had a desire to get money.”In another confession, he claimed two gangsters from Boston had forced him to commit the crime. Yet another version had a rum-runner named Bill ordered him to commit the crime. His brother Cyril**, believing Kenneth to be in danger himself, acted as liason with the McMath family, negotiating the ransom. Theash was delivered in a Bunte Diana Stuft Confections Tin.***
As Clerk of Court, Ruth Snow had a front row seat for the dramatic events.**** Of course she was entirely too professional to sit agape, eating candy and watching the trial for entertainment’s sake. It is more plausible that she rewarded herself at the end of a long day with the delicious confections.
Later that year, when the press descended again on the Barnstable for the Grand Jury hearings on the Bearse murder, the court was prepared having installed extra telephone lines during the Buck trial.

* In a strange twist of fate, Peggy’s husband of over 50 years was also named Kenneth.
**Cyril was reportedly an amateur magician when he wasn’t negotiating ransoms
*** According to the ad campaign for the candies made by Bunte Brothers, “An enthusiastic welcome always marks the serving of these crispy, tender, sugary shells.” Presumably a large amount of cash also solicited an enthusiastic welcome.
****It was Miss Snow who had the unenviable task of formally asking the foreman cof the jury for the verdict (Kenneth was found Guilty, Cyril was cleared of charges).



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