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Miss Ruth Snow’s flivver was indispensable during her campaign for Clerk of Courts (see SNOW.1.1926/PENNANT) as she motored all over Barnstable County to convince voters that she was the most qualified candidate. Being without an assistant in the clerk’s office, she could only meet with voters after business hours and the “balky” automobile made it possible for Miss Snow to meet 25-75 citizens on each barnstorming trip. It is not known when Miss Snow acquired the automobile. However, between May of 1915 and January of 1929, she motored to New Bedford, Boston, Plymouth, Newport (RI), and Swampscott on numerous trips to visit friends. In 1930, Miss Snow took an auto trip to travel over New York state’s Storm King Highway. The roadway, constructed in the 1920s, cut into the side of Storm King Mountain and offered breathtaking views of the Hudson River below.


choke wire crank screw (rusted)

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Barnstable Patriot (various 1915-29)


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