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ELLIOTT, Subgroup Rumrunners (suspected)


In February of 1916, Robert Elliott left Centerville for a course of study at the Maine Agricultural College.* It is widely believed that he was enrolled in the two-year course that was “designed to train young and women who wish to become practical farmers.” Upon completion of the program “students are expected to be able to do work and handle men when they are finished.” There was no entrance examinations required to enter and no tuition was charged beyond the $30/year registration and incidental fees. The curriculum was thorough; required classes included Animal Husbandry, Farm Accounts, Fruit Handling, Farm Botany, Souls and Fertilizers, Poultry Husbandry, and Fruit Growing. Students were required to spend their summer vacations working on a farm approved by the Orono faculty. Robert began his apprenticeship at the Wekonee Farm (where he took over for Mr. H. Fred Proctor, the farmer’s son) in Centerville. Because of Robert’s well-documented love of the classifieds, ICS believes he learned of this opportunity from a March 17 ad looking for a “good man to take care of cows and stock. Permanent position to the right man.” It was listed as a permanent position that came with a furnished house. This factor could account for the confusion concerning Robert’s graduation date as it is possible he decided to pursue this career opportunity rather than return to Orono. ICS can confirm that Robert was in Centerville in the spring of 1918 as he was elected to the position of Gate Keeper for the Hyannis Grange in March of that year. His WWI Registration Card also places him in Barnstable in late September of 1918, when the Orono semester was likely already in session.

*The date of Robert Elliott’s graduation from the University of Maine’s School Course in Agriculture is in dispute. His obituary says he graduated in 1918 and the school’s records list 1919 as the “year graduated or class affiliation.” The 1916-17 catalog of students indicates that Robert was in the second year of the program and living in Hannibal Hamblin Hall where he shared room 109 with Arthur Walter Beverage (Pulpit Harbor, ME) and Ralph Granville Kyes (North Jay, ME). Arthur Beverage presumably completed his studies as we know he turned a modest farming enterprise of running cattle and butchering sheep into a successful dairy farm where he delivered milk in glass bottles with little caps on them. Little is known of the fate of Mr. Kyes beyond the fact that he acted as entertainment captain in the North Jay Grange at some point in time.



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