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ELLIOTT, Subgroup Rumrunners (suspected)


Over 40 babies were invited to attend the July 18, 1901 Cradle Roll* held under the auspices of the Ladies’ Missionary Society in Centerville. The event was judged a success when 38 babies attended. According to reports, “The vestry presented a pretty appearance with its greens and flowers, rugs, flags and Japanese lanterns. One long table was filled with foreign articles loaned for the occasion.” Following the extensive program of songs, recitations, dialogues, and addresses, the babies and their mothers enjoyed light refreshments and lemonade. The public paid 5 cents to witness the events and cake was available for purchase. Among the babies registered that day were Warren Scott Elliott (1 year, 5 months) and Robert Stephen Clark Elliott (3 years, 4 months). Also registered in that particular Cradle Roll were the Starck brothers: Carl William (3 years) and Gustave Russell (4 years, 11 months). Their older brother, Eric A. (estimated age: 8 years), contributed a “Swedish Song” to the day’s program. We can’t be sure if this is the first time the Elliott brothers encountered the Starck brothers but evidence indicates that boys from the two families build enduring friendships. Robert, Carl, and Russell all played on the Barnstable High School baseball team that lost the championship to Yarmouth in 1916. Later, at the January 1933 inquest hearings, Robert would tell District Attorney William Crossley that he was unaware of what had occurred at the cabin on Long Pond until Russell Starck informed him of the shootings at 10 am the next morning.**



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