The Institute for Clew Studies welcomes contributions from independent researchers.

Those with an active curiosity are invited to use the collections as source material for new creative output. As an artist, poet, historian, hula dancer, real estate agent, teacher, (insert your occupation here), how would you interpret the collections using a hybrid strategy of archival research and creative imagination?


Q. What kind of contributions are you looking for?
A. In order to activate the archives, we are looking for contributions that make use of material from the archive. This could be a work of art (song, poem, drawing...) inspired by some aspect of the collections, new research material (there is much work to be done in the field of Clew Studies --- what thread do you want to follow?), or a scholarly paper (ie: The History of Cranberry Bogs on Cape Cod). We are open to all imaginative proposals! 

Q. What will be done with my contribution?
A. They will be added to our archive and made available to the public for viewing and to researchers via the ICS website. 

Q. Will  contributions be included in the ICS Office art installations?
A. While we cannot guaruntee inclusion in future iterations of the ICS Office, we will make every attempt to include creative contributions if appropriate.

Q. Are theories as to the perpetrators of the crime welcome?
A. Yes and No. At ICS we are not interested in pointing fingers, drudging up mud, or causing any trouble. That said, we are open to adding True Stories to the Lost Clew Archives if they advance our mission in some way (see mission statement).