Little Rocker

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ELLIOTT, Subgroup Rumrunners (suspected)


While testifying before the First District Court of Barnstable at the inquest investigating the death of Franklie Bearse, Robert Elliott retraced his steps for the night of December 30, 1932, the night of the murder. He told District Attorney William Crossley that he left his house around 6pm to go to the Hyannis Hardware where he “bought a little rocker for my baby--my kid.” Robert’s youngest daughter, Marie, was born in 1932 and would’ve been the “baby” at this point in time. But the “little rockers” advertised in the Sears Catalog, which Robert would certainly have seen, were more suitable for toddlers who could sit up. Thus, ICS surmises that the toy was intended for his next youngest­— 3-year old Margaret, who later went by “Peg.” It is well known that Peg was great chums with Frankie’s eldest daughter Mildred (“Mid”), though when they palled around together is not known.



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Inquest on the Death of Franklin C. Bearse


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